Teenage Thoughts 101: Friendship

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The teenage years, also known as the-time-where-everything-falls-apart years, is a very troubling time. One of the hardest aspects I feel to deal with is friendships.

If you’re reading this, have you came across any one of these situations?

1. When two of your closest friends create World War III against each other, putting you in the middle.

2. You finding it difficult to juggle friends, and school work. And most of the time, you end up messing up, and you drop one of the balls, causing it to shatter. Sometimes you may even drop both.

3. When you realised that someone you least expect stab you in the back.

4. Having the path to choose either to ditch homework, or family time, to be with your friends.

Being a teenager requires you to go to war against all these problems. For some people, they have well made armour…

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了解及改善優缺點 by Asperger代言人

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圖文: http://orientaldaily.on.cc/cnt/news/20130818/00176_008.html?pubdate=20130818

鵝希望大家(特別阿氏保加朋友)對自己,就像白龍王關懷信徒一樣。花少少時間聆聽自己的心事, 了解自己的優點和缺點,找方法改善,預計一下將會發生的事,好讓自己未雨綢繆,要提醒自己,避免犯錯,最後要祝福自己。


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寵物小精靈 by Asperger代言人

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by Asperger/亞氏保加/亞斯伯格代言人

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引導思考 by Asperger代言人

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新聞原文: http://hk.news.yahoo.com/黑人四歲女iq145-躋全美最聰明人榜-222133865.html

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“這位四歲IQ達145的女孩Anala Beevers坦言自己很聰明,比父母更加聰明,又熱心糾正父母的語法,是意味着父母未能滿足到她對知識的渴求,因為父母不能像她擅長記憶或者標準語法。父母要注意,在她記着一些知識的同時,還要引導她思考更多,例如:那些知識給自己有甚麼感受、對人有什麼關係、如何應用在生活上、現在與過住學的有甚麼不同……父母應該要擴闊她,以免她被自己的強項記憶力,局限在「純粹記着」。”

by Asperger/亞氏保加/亞斯伯格代言人

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