Gifted solutions?


Ever since the beginning of ICGT, people came to us for the right solutions to their problems. These may be concerned with identification of intellectual functioning, interventions to address underachievement or unmet needs, interpersonal challenges, suboptimal development, untreated learning or mood issues impairing personal growth or relationship, college or career choice, coping with challenges in life transitions and the like.
Be alert to what exactly is bothering the people to reach out for possible solutions.
Seriously, I learnt a lot from our clients. Not only did their issues urge our team to advance our knowledge, skills and personal growth, the on-going learning and reflection led us to become constantly alert.
My hunch is, people are not really able to tell what problems most bothering to them. The most common scenarios would be asking for professional advice to solve, like when, which, where and how to do something, such as providing…

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