Treat or Heal


Treat or Heal

One day, a lady came to see me and said, “Please refer my child for medical treatment of his ADHD.” She looked optimistic about the medical treatment of ADHD and stressed that people told her that the pill did work well.” My hunch is her intention to seek referral revealing just tip of an iceberg of pain.

Could anybody hear the pain?

“As a child, I was condemned as a loser since elementary school. As parent, I had fought fiercely against ADHD at all cost to prevent my child from failing school. I don’t want my child to walk under my shadow. His failures, if any, would hurt my old wound worse,” she disclosed the chronic challenge underlying academic underachievement.

It sounds like ADHD medication promising and effective for reversing underperformance of the affected young. I really want the pills to take away the chronic pain of families who have…

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