Teenage Thoughts 101: Being Me


Photo source: www.sawdustcityllc.com

Teenagers, like me, often find it challenging to be themselves. Even I find it hard at times. I’m sure even adults find it hard as well. Admit it!

Being yourself is about allowing yourself to be the real you, and not being ashamed about it. I know, its easy to say, but not easy to do. However, once you do, you would never want to be another person other than yourself.

You may ask how? I found it hard to do it at first as well, but it starts off by stopping yourself to fixate on the past, and what you regret, you have to understand that there is nothing that you can do about it to fix it. You need to be honest and open about yourself. Instead of just looking at your flaws and your imperfections, look at your qualities.

Now, how do you know…

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