Teenage Thoughts 101: Friendship


Photo source: http://achieveemotionalfreedom.com/

The teenage years, also known as the-time-where-everything-falls-apart years, is a very troubling time. One of the hardest aspects I feel to deal with is friendships.

If you’re reading this, have you came across any one of these situations?

1. When two of your closest friends create World War III against each other, putting you in the middle.

2. You finding it difficult to juggle friends, and school work. And most of the time, you end up messing up, and you drop one of the balls, causing it to shatter. Sometimes you may even drop both.

3. When you realised that someone you least expect stab you in the back.

4. Having the path to choose either to ditch homework, or family time, to be with your friends.

Being a teenager requires you to go to war against all these problems. For some people, they have well made armour…

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