30 years of embracing giftedness. It’s what we do.


The Difference One Word
Can Make for 2e Kids by Linda Kreger Silverman

Many years ago I was asked to conduct a daylong workshop with the coordinators of all gifted programs in a state. They were reviewing their identification plans to determine how to improve equity. In preparation, I read all of the district G/T identification plans in the state, and concluded that they all shared the same fatal flaw.

I started the workshop by announcing that I was delivering a message from On High: Change “And” to “Or”! No, I didn’t encounter a Burning Bush, so that was a bit of a stretch. However, I did encounter a pervasive problem that needed correction. One conjunction can mean the difference between a twice exceptional, low income or bilingual child obtaining placement in a gifted program or being shut out.

All of the plans required demonstration of ability “and” achievement. That…

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