Manchester: Shout Louder for Your Identity


Reflection on David Moyes: A Manutd Fan with Asperger

Source: The Guardian

My AS* Student: I am sad that Manchester United fired (David) Moyes.

Counselor Jo: You told me before that United would take some time to recover from changes of management. You actually foresee that there has been something wrong with their strategies causing them to lose a series of games. I thought that you could see the doom of Moyes.

My AS* Student: People are too impatient to adjust for changes. In the era of Fergusson, people got used to having high expectations on the team. The successors, Moyes in this case, can’t be as successful as strong leaders like Fergusson. It takes time for the fans to adjust their expectations accordingly. People just don’t understand.

Counselor Jo: What don’t they understand?

My AS* Student: They don’t understand what it takes for United to grow. Over the past…

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