You Deserve Better Support by Jo




A college student in need of advice for her overdue assignment came to see me last week.

Student: Are we (Aspergers) all the time struggling with homework problem?

Mentor Jo: Homework problems vary with individuals.

Student: I thought that Aspergers had problems with deadline. I hardly finished my work on time.

Mentor Jo: Oh yeah right. There are different deadline problems. Some cared so much about deadlines that they refused to take enough breaks and burnt out easily. In the long run, they hated that unpleasant experiences and refused to further their studies. Others viewed themselves as deadline fighter stretching their limits too far. As they went up to more advanced levels, such study habit didn’t make the achievement matching with their true potentials. Some were driven too much to their own standard of “perfection” and unable to deliver the expected outcomes as required. They missed their deadline. I…

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