No Jokes: What’s So Good in Prison?


In Search of Self Direction & Ultimate Goal in An Adult with Asperger.


AS* student B: I always forgot what I should be doing. I need directions. I was late for classes and assignment. In the morning, I should take shower before going out. But I don’t really like taking shower. It took a long while to decide if I wanted to take a shower. I was too busy to go to the morning class. It’s too much for me.

Counselor: What’s that?

AS* student B: It takes more than an hour to shower. There are many steps. Lots of decisions to make. Too consuming.

Counselor: What decisions?

AS* student B: Like choosing the right clothes, finding the right towel for my feet, hair and body, deciding the right temperature of water and…..

Counselor: And what?

AS* student B: I am able to focus in the class when…

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