What a Metaphor, What a Compliment! 受竉若驚



Yesterday, I met a client who was very reflective and able to describe his feelings and thought in concrete terms. His expression often surprises me. 昨天我見過一個愛深思和自省的人,他有種特別天賦能具體表達自己的思想和感情。他説的話有時是我意料之外

Counselor: I am very impressed by your quest for meaning and your desire for personal growth.

Client: I am a loner. People don’t really understand me.
案主A: 我是個孤獨者。別人不真正了解我。

Counselor: I thought your reflective personality would bring you and your friends true encounter.

Client: No.

Counselor: Why?

Client: Not me. It’s because your talented ability to connect with people has made our encounter. You know….. you are a universal power adaptor.

Counselor Jo: What a metaphor! What a compliment!

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